Hey All!

So I've pointed out the insane weather we've been having this year so far (and it's only February!) and today is no different!

So we went from Snowpocalypse 2018 to rain and almost 60 degree weather in only a few days time. 

Typical Michigan for ya.

Anyway, I wanted to take the time and highlight some recent additions to our catalog of awesomeness!

So you know that we have been in business since 1983 and for the most part have concentrated on motorsports related stuff. We have tons and tons of parts and accessories for Dirt Bikes and ATVs and more gear than you can shake a stick at!

But were you aware that we also have Makita tools now as well??

We only started carrying them last year but they've already been a pretty good seller for us!

We have a full range of powered tools available both in the shop and online. 

So now is definitely the time to start pre-planning your next project around the house. The weather will stop being so weird and summer will be bearing down on us before we even know it!

So here's an example to get your juices flowing... a hypothetical if you will...

Say you've got a garage where you keep your Thumpstar Dirt Bike. Through the winter, stuff has accumulated that probably shouldn't be there. You need to figure out a better way of storing your bike and whatever other accessories you keep with it. (for instance, your bike stand, oil changing supplies, rider outfit, helmet, boots and tools)

Now would be a great time to get a dedicated shed up and in order so your bike has it's own special place, and won't be covered by boxes of extra clothes that need to be sent to the second hand shop.

So of course you're gonna need a few pieces of hardware, tools and supplies to do all this. 

While we don't have shed building materials here, we do have the Makita Tools to make the rules! 
(rhyming is hard!)

So first things first!

You're gonna need a saw and a drill

Get your lumber and screws and set up your place. 

Remember, this is just an example to get ideas from, not really a "How-To" this time. 

Maybe you need to do more yard work and don't have the ability to climb up the trees and trim the branches like you used to be able to in your adolescence. Well, we have a wonderful 4-STROKE TELESCOPING POLE PRUNER available online and in store!

Or maybe you need so trim the hedges. 

(No kidding right? ;)

Well, we just so happen to have the perfect Hedge Trimmer for you!

I could go on and on, but I won't because that would just be too much. 

So there ya go! Some ideas to get you thinking and planning ahead for the Summer that is coming up on us fast!

See ya soon!