Hey All!

So this morning I purchased an iced coffee from a certain fast food restaurant, along with a breakfast meal. 

Now, truth be told, I already had a coffee that was made at home. I normally do bring my own and I have a couple options that I like to add to it. 

However, today was the first day that I went with an iced coffee instead of a regular hot one. I have to say, it was worth it!

I normally have a hot coffee with lots of cream and sugar, but today I tasted beauty personified!

Iced coffee is awesome!

Now, this is actual coffee that just has a bunch of ice cubes in it, there is also a type that is blended with crushed ice and those are pretty awesome as well. 

You may be wondering why I'm going on about coffee. 

I just realized how much I love coffee...

That's it. 

Yeah I know, ridiculousness.

In other news, I and at least one other of my co-workers have been hard at work uploading all sorts of new products on our website and also eBay. 

There's a sale on eBay right now. If you spend over $100, you can get 15% off the total. 

Not everything is part of the sale, but a lot of things are. So go check it out!

Look for Magic-Motorsports-Online

In the store located in Waterford, MI, we have a bunch of sales going on. We have a whole lot of clothes in stock  that still need to go. Shoes too!

We recently got more summer clothes including shorts and swim trunks.  (Pretty sure I've mentioned this before)

Before I wrap it up today, I want to mention that our website has a general 10% discount off whatever the price is on most products. It's definitely a good time to save some money!

I'm sad to say that Magic doesn't serve coffee in store, heck we don't even have it in the back room office... However, there is a Hot Spot Coffee shop right down the road, so some of the guys get their morning "Joe" there. They also get an eye-full, but that's another story!

Anyway, let me know what you think about coffee,

See ya soon!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst