Hey All!

Now that the first day of Autumn is officially on us, you're going to see a whole lot of changeovers in your favorite stores.

You know how it goes. right around September, a whole bunch of stores start putting up their new Halloween products. 

For those of us who lived in the 1980's, this seems way too early! 

Maybe I don't have to go back that far, but it certainly seems that "Way back in the day" businesses didn't start planning ahead so far in advance. 

Well, we here at Magic Motorsports respect the changing of the weather and plan accordingly with our sales and stock that's available both in store and online. 

Right now, if you walk into our storefront over here in Waterford, MI, you will see quite a few tags that offer HUGE discounts. 

For instance, we have a circular rack of just Street Jackets by various manufacturers available at 50% off MSRP. 

That's a pretty good deal, eh?

Over the next couple weeks we will have a changeover with more winter clothes and less summer, but as of now, we still have some great deals available!

You will also see more Snowmobile related things in store. 

Don't worry though, for those who have the urge and passion to work on their Dirt Bike or 4-Wheeler in the dead of winter, we still got your back!

We always have tune up items in store for oil and air filter changes as well as plenty of accessories that will help make your look all your own!

We are open M-F 10am-7pm. Saturday 10am-4pm

Swing on by and say hi!

See ya soon!