Hey All!

So I know you've heard about the clothing brand Columbia! 

They've been around for a while and their old commercials were actually pretty funny. 

It just so happens that we have a bit of an overstock problem that needs to be dealt with. 

So of course you know what that means... SALE!!!

We have a rack of Columbia shirts on sale for $10. 

You read that right! 


Time to make that trip out to Waterford and get some clothes.

We have quite a lot of Women's Summer type clothes, Men's "graphic tee" shirts (Not That kind of Graphic)
and even some kid shirts. 

You may even be able to find some new Hoodies or pullovers for the Autumn that's coming soon. 

We also have some incredible quality shoes available and they are down to $25 a pair! 

That's like, $12.50 a shoe! Lol!

But seriously, we have a bunch of Columbia, Nike, UA, DC and a few Etnies. 

We have Men, Women and Child shoe sizes available.

We always have sales going on week to week. Sometimes it's clothes, sometimes it's parts and sometimes it's services. Just know that sales are common and if there's something that you're looking for, let us know and we can work to get you the best price available. 

I hope this inspires you at least a little to make the trip out to Magic Motorsports in Waterford, MI. 

On the plus side, The Renaissance Fair is going on over the weekends so if you happen to come out on a Saturday, you can go to both! It's just down the road from us!

See ya soon!