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Dial "S" for Service!

Posted by on 3/14/2018 to Regular blog stuff
Hey All!

So just like the old movie "Dial M For Murder" we are gonna make a movie about....

Waitaminutehere! That's not what we are doing!

We are gonna talk about Tyler over in the Service Bay! 

Dial S For Service!!!

I know what you're thinking, and Yes my wife tells me I'm a dork all the time, so you're not alone.

Anyway, on to the blog post!

Tyler has been with us over 5 years now and has been working on vehicles for about 4 years. 

He started working behind the counter, so if you came into the store in 2014, you probably saw him. 

Once the opportunity came up to tear down and build up vehicles, he jumped at the chance!

Whenever you see any of the Special Service Deals on our Facebook page, it's Tyler doing the work. 

Just so you know, there are a lot of services that can be done right in the store. Some of these are Engine Teardowns and repairs, Oil Change, Tire Mounting (including Harley Davidson motorcycles), Chainsaw sharpening and the list goes on...

You may have seen the short video we posted to Facebook recently showcasing the Dirt Bike having it's fuel injector cleaned, well that was Tyler doing the work. 

So if you have a Dirtbike or ATV that needs some service or even just an oil change, bring it in! 

Plus, if you have a chainsaw that needs it's blades sharpened, we can get that done for you too!

So make a date and swing by with whatever you have that needs service and tell Tyler that you saw this on our website!

You might just get a "Thank You" out of him. 

See ya soon!

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