Hey All!

If you pay attention to this blog, you'll notice that last week was lacking a new post. 

The reason for that is...


I took some time off. 

My personal vacation may not be as exciting as yours though.

I took the time to work with my wife and deep clean our house. 

It really needed it. 

We even had the kids go to their grandparents for the week so we could just concentrate on cleaning. 

Unfortunately, it also fell on the worst possible week to do it.

As you may know, last week was the hottest week so far this year with temps reaching into the triple digits. 

And of course, we don't have air conditioning in our house. 

Let's just say that we lost a few pounds of water weight last week.

While we were able to get a decent amount of rooms cleaned and organized, we aren't even close to being done. 

Seems like that's just the way things go. Know what I mean?

I hope that you get the chance to take a vacation and it's a whole lot more fun than mine was. 

It's good to get away sometimes. 

We all need a good down time and it's incredibly vital to rest.

So that's what I did last week. What did you do?

What are you doing for your vacation this year?

Something fun I hope!

See ya soon!