Hey all!

Are you one of the kinds of people who appreciates high quality clothing that can't be found at your local Kohl's and is priced better to boot? 

Of course you are! You're a smart and sophisticated individual who is always on top of your game!

Did I butter you up enough?

Well, be aware that I really do think that you (our fine customers) are actually totally awesome and I hope that you think the same of us. 

So with that being said, today I wanted to highlight our stock of Under Armor clothing. We have quite the selection of shirts, hoodies, pullovers, shorts and swim trunks. 

This month we are offering a storewide sale on them!

It's been pointed out to me that we have shirts in store that are not able to be found at Kohl's, so that's cool. 

  (I don't really shop at Kohl's so I'm not the best judge for that. Sorry Kohl's...)

Anyway, just to point out a few examples, we have some really nice branded shirts whose fabric just wicks away sweat and moisture. Fantastic to work out in, let me tell you!

Some of the pullovers are thin and some are thicker material. It all depends on the environment that you're going to be wearing them in. 

The hoodies are a perfect blend of thickness and comfort. They keep you warm in the winter and yet can be worn on warmer days comfortably as well. Although the past few days were quite hot and I didn't really wanna wear ANYTHING... But you know, can't just walk around naked... laws and stuff...


We also have a good stock of shorts and swimwear available. Perfect for the active basketball player or surfer. 

The summer is winding down and school will be back in session before we know it. This is definitely the time to take advantage of our sale and stock up on high quality clothing for the rest of the year. We have good stock of everything and are more than happy to sell them to you!

As George Washington once said, "Go forth and buy fourscore of proper, quality clothes!"

Listen to the First Official President and get your gear on!

(Washington didn't really say that. Sorry George...)

Come on in anyway!

See ya soon!