Hey All!

I don't know about you, but this winter has been pretty weird for us in the South East of Michigan. 

Michigan seems to have it's own mind when it comes to weather and this past year has been a prime example of it. 

We didn't get any snow at all until after the 1st of the year and then it was sporadic!

I was really hoping that it would be a nice snowy winter, and that it would stick around for a while, but no...

This did prove one thing...

Having a snowblower is really nice!

If you don't have one yet, give us a call! We still have a few Ariens Snowblowers in stock. Who knows, we might even have a reason to use them still before summer hits!

As it is, Spring is almost here. We just had Daylight Savings Time this past weekend and the weather "should" be getting warm. 

You know what that means!

Crazy Springtime Storms!!

Generac Generators have an auto start system that recognizes when the power fails and they are up and running in less than a minute. 

Check this link for more information about Generac! http://www.generac.com/for-homeowners/home-backup-power

You won't have to worry about your freezer or fridge if you have a backup generator installed. 

It just so happens that we have a licensed contractor ready and willing to install one for you, so now is a great time to make that purchase before the blackouts hit!

I certainly hope you don't live in an area where blackouts are common, because they suck. 

You know I speak the truth. 

So take your freedom into your own hands and give us a call today! 

Our contractor will get out there and give you a quote as soon as possible. 

When the weather inevitably turns sour, you will be  prepared and remain warm and snuggly. 

Don't deny it! 

Who doesn't like a good snuggle?


See Ya Soon!