Hey All!

So I really want to do more blog posts that feature a good "How To" instruction. 

This is "Magic Motorsports" after all and we do have Air Filters available for sale, so why not right?

First of all we need to understand what an air filter is and why it's important!

As far as I know, all vehicles that run on any sort of gasoline need Air as well for combustion. (If there's one that doesn't need air, let me know in the comments!)

So of course you can't just allow nasty dirt and grime into the air intake, so that's where the air filter comes into play! The dirtier the air filter, the lower the compression and lower power output, not to mention the problems associated with gunk getting into the engine and then needing to be cleaned out later!

On a Dirt Bike, you will most likely find the Air Filter under the seat. You will need a good Ratchet with the correct socket. It will likely be a 10mm but could be different based on your specific Bike. 

Once you get the seat off, you should see the nasty ole dirty Air Filter. Be careful how you take it out, because there is a plastic support cage inside it to keep it fit correctly. There should be a wingnut holding the filter in place, so unscrew that and take the filter out. Separate the support cage from the filter and set aside. 

Now you will need a clean rag. Wipe down the Airbox. It may be oily or have some dust on it so a CLEAN rag is important. 

Once you're done, allow the Airbox to dry (if it needs to) and get your new Air filter ready. Clean the Support Cage lightly because you don't want to break it, but you also don't want it all dirty either. 

Now here comes some potential differences. 

The best type of air filter to use is the pre-oiled kind (which we sell in store) by Twin Air. 

If you don't use a pre-oiled kind, then you will need to apply Air Filter Oil to the air filter. Your best bet is to just  get the pre-oiled kind and skip the extra cost!

Next, apply grease to the contact points between the filter and the airbox. Silicone grease is your best bet. It doesn't have to be thick, so just lightly apply it. Apply some more to the base of the Air Filter.

Now it's time to put the Support Cage into the new Air Filter. Be careful with it because any ripping or damage can compromise the integrity of the filter and cause engine damage.

Screw the wingnut back in place and replace the seat! 

Now you have a choice!

You can either keep or trash your old filter.

If it looks dirty but whole, then grab some Dawn dish soap and some water and squeeze it until you get a nice foamy mess. Once it looks pretty well cleaned, rinse it off and allow it to dry. After this, you WILL need to put some Air Filter Oil on it so that it will work correctly. (I guess you might just have to spend the money after all)
Then store it in a sealed bag, like a gallon sealable bag.

I hope you enjoyed the instructions. 

You can find an Instructable Here that simplifies the information that I gave ya. 

See ya soon!