Hey All!

Halloween was AWESOME!!

You know how I was all concerned about the weather and hoping for the best?

Well, Great Day In The Morning, I got my wish!!

The day before and the day after were all rainy and cold, and truth be told, it even rained in the morning, but by midday, the weather started warming up, the sun came out and by the time people were out and collecting candy, it was cool but totally acceptable. 

I don't think I can even express how happy I was that the weather was great for that day. I think last year the weather broke the day after and it was cold and nasty on the day of. 

Whew! What a relief!

Now on to other things. 

You know I don't really like to get all political or anything, but with the mid term elections that happened yesterday (which is why I'm writing this today, so I could see the results) we didn't really have the "Blue Wave" that's been touted on the major media for a while now. Then again, we also didn't get the "Red Tsunami" either. 

What we saw was an evening out of things that are a typical and natural event in American Politics. 

There was one guy that I really liked. I only went to vote because I really wanted to cast my vote for him and didn't really care about anyone else. 

Unfortunately, he didn't win, but that's okay. We, as Americans, must keep moving forward. 

I like positivity. 

I like good deeds. 

I absolutely love it when people do the right thing when they could just as easily do the wrong thing. 

I hope and pray that the people who find themselves with new power to affect changes in their home States and effect the lives of people therein take their power seriously and respect the laws and not make new laws that hurt Americans.

It seems to be easy enough to do. 

Anyway, that's my political rant for today. 

I hope you're good with the results, and if you have any issues with what these people in Washington (who represent us) are doing, contact them! Most of them are on Social Media now, and All of them have phone numbers. Us contacting Them is always the best course of action. 

Don't shirk your responsibilities. 

I will try to do the same. (I know how easy it is to do nothing and not pay attention until something affects me personally...)

Oh yeah!

Don't forget that we have new stuff coming in all the time here at Magic Motorsports!

We just put up the 2019 helmets and clothing from Fox Racing and O'NEAL.

Some of these new outfits are pretty wild. 

Also, while it may not seem all that important until it actually snows, but it's a great time to get that snowblower that you've been thinking about! 

We just got our Ariens shipment and they look great! Most of them are self powered, which is such a nice feature... 

Throwing snow (literally) is back breaking work, so don't hurt yourself, just come in and get a snowblower that won't break your budget!

Have a great day out there!

See ya soon!