Hey All!

So a year has come and gone and boy what a year!

Some good things and some bad things happened. 

Steps toward world peace happened with North Korea!

There have been steps to stop human trafficking taken that are just insane to hear about. 

My family went on our first actual vacation... EVER!

So yeah, good things definitely happened this year!

On the down side, we did lose some people. But the plus side is that they will live on in our hearts and memories.

 As always, good and bad go hand in hand. 

The best thing we can do in life is to keep our heads up and love people. 

Appreciate the family and friends you have while you have them because crazy things can happen at any time.

I make sure to hug on my wife and kids every opportunity I get, because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

There's always opportunity to do good, be good and speak good out into the world. 

So as we celebrate this brand new year, get out there and do the best you can to spread love and respect wherever and whenever you can!

Here at Magic Motorsports, we strive to be the best at supplying the needs of our customers.

Our website is humming along nicely, our eBay store is working hard and our store in Waterford, MI is selling through riding mowers, ATVs and Dirt Bikes! 

It's pretty incredible.

It just goes to show that when you do the right thing, good things happen.

So get out there and do good and you'll see good in return!

See ya soon!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst