Hey All!

If you've been reading these blog posts of mine, you know how often I express discontent about the weather.

Whether the weather is hot or whether the weather is cold (see what I did there?) there's always something to talk about. 

Last week, there was a huge influx of cold weather which came up from the Southern coast that was being hit by a hurricane. Of course, the Weather Channel and other news sources all claimed that it was going to be extremely bad, and yes, there were some really sad stories that came out of it. 

I honestly thought, after all the hoopla surrounding the levees and whatnot that G.W. Bush dealt with, all of the southern states would be weather proof. Now of course, I realize that there will always be people who hear that something bad is coming and will stand defiantly in it's way, regardless of their own safety. So of course, America's borders will never be secure... think on that for a bit...

ANYWAY... This is not supposed to be a blog post about crazy weather and the way that America has reacted, it's about what we all need to do in order to take care of our own places. 

The weather took a turn this week back toward 80+ degree weather after 50 degree weather last week. It's also rained a severe amount...

My lawn looks like a rain forest!

I was sincerely hoping that the last time I mowed was the last for the year but unfortunately it looks like that is not the case!

So as I wait for a nice non-rainy day this weekend, I hope that you're not in my same situation.

Hopefully you've got your lawn all mowed and whatever other household things that needed doing all did. 

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You get the idea.

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I'll stop now.

Whatever you do, just know that I appreciate your eyeballs on my words. It means a lot to me. 

Have a great one out there!

See ya soon!

Photo by Ryan Bruce from Burst