Hey All!

I don't know about you, but I think the term "Fake News" has become way overused. 

There appear to be two thoughts on it. 

1. It means that ALL the NEWS Agencies are FAKE. 
2. It refers to SOME of the NEWS agencies and the way they report their stories. 

In reality, those who use the term assign meaning 2, while those who just want to degrade the people using option 2 pretend that they mean option 1...

Did that make sense? 

Well anyway, it's become a trigger point for a lot of people, and it seems that, because it was just an offhand comment, the definition hasn't been set in stone. 

It seems like the term Fake News has the same misunderstanding as the whole Football player kneeling during the National Anthem Fiasco!

I understand the truth. 

Don't get me wrong tho, Because of the way the whole thing came about, the Right and Left see it all in two different lights. 

One side sees it as a "Call Out" regarding Police Brutality toward People Of Color. 
The other sees it as a "Disrespect" to people who fought for and defend our Country. 

Again, because there is not a specific definition that people can point out, it can mean whatever ANYONE wants it to mean.

It's a really interesting time in history isn't it? 

I'll tell you something that doesn't fall into these categories and has a fantastic definition that can be found in the Dictionary!


According the Merriam-Webster: 


\ 'sal  \

Definition of Sale 

(Entry 1 of 2)

1the act of sellingspecifically the transfer of ownership of and title to property from one person to another for a price

2aopportunity of selling or being sold DEMAND

bdistribution by selling

3public disposal to the highest bidder AUCTION

4a selling of goods at bargain prices

5sales plural

aoperations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or servicesvice president in charge of sales

bgross receipts

for sale

available for purchase

on sale

1for sale

2available for purchase at a reduced price

So there ya go!

We do love us some sales here at Magic Motorsports! 

I mentioned recently on Facebook that our eBay page is having a big sale. 

Our storefront is constantly having sales as well. 

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All Columbia Brand clothing is down to $10!!

Even Under Armor clothing is discounted.

This is NOT Fake News and it certainly isn't up for debate!

So come on in and take a look around. 

See ya soon!