TRX450R 04-2005 - Big Bore Kit (479cc)
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Honda TRX450R 04-2005 - Big Bore Kit (479cc)

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Unlock your bike's hidden potential with the power producing and durable Cylinder Works big bore kit.

O.E.M. appearing +1 mm to +4 mm big bore cylinder kit, a hand-matched, forged Vertex big bore piston and top-end gasket kit. These kits offer you an affordable way to increase horsepower and engine displacement without giving your secret away to your competition.

  • Cylinder - New, not remanufactured, cast aluminum nickel silicon carbide (NSC) electroplated big bore cylinder that appears just like an O.E. cylinder. NSC is a composite of a nickel and silicon carbide, providing an excellent wear resistant surface with oil retention capabilities. Cylinders are then diamond honed to the exact bore dimension and proper surface finish to ensure the proper ring seal and oil retention.
  • Vertex Big Bore Piston - To handle the internal pressures of a four-stroke engine, Vertex's big bore four-stroke pistons are forged from the highest quality 2618 aluminum alloy for superior strength and durability. Vertex uses unique piston profiles and compression ratios, offered in A, B, C and D sizes, to maximize power and performance while reducing blow-by and oil consumption. Each Vertex piston is then hand matched to fit each Cylinder Works cylinder perfectly.
  • Gasket Kits - These kits contain the necessary gaskets to rebuild your top end. Kits include head, base, exhaust gaskets, and O-rings necessary when removing the cylinder and head during routine maintenance.
  • Kit includes: Big bore cylinder, Vertex piston, piston rings, piston pin, circlips, gasket kit.
  • Note: To achieve optimum performance, re-jet the carburetor with the available jet kits (sold separately) or a fuel-injection fuel management controller.

Detailed Specifications:

  • +3 mm Big Bore Kit: Uses Vertex #23531 (note: when using Hot Rods #4160 makes 500cc).
  • Compression ratio (x:y): 10.5:1
  • Cylinder diameter (mm): 97.00
  • Displacement (cc): 479.00
  • Piston diameter (mm): N/A
  • SizeOverStandard: 3.00