Hot Cam (Set) Suzuki -dDRZ400/KLX400-
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Hot Cam (Set) Suzuki -DRZ400-

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Hot Cam (Set) Suzuki -DRZ400-
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Intake and Exhaust Cam Set -
Call for individual cam prices if needed.

Stage – 1 Offroad competition use only. This cam replaces the 2047-1IN. It has better low RPM torque, pulling power, and throttle response. For best results it should be used with the #2050-1E exhaust cam. Uses stock DRZ400 valve springs, if installed in LTZ400

Stage 2 - Offroad competition use only. The #2251-2IN and #2252-2E are designed to be used as a set. These cams will provide improved full throttle torque and horspepower at all RPM 4000 and up. Uses stock DRZ400 valve springs, if installed in LTZ400 you must insta ll DRZ400 valve springs.

For Models:

2003 - 2004 Kawasaki KLX 400 BIKE,

2000 - 2016 Suzuki DRZ 400 BIKE,

2005 - 2015 Suzuki DRZ 400S BIKE,

2016 - 2016 Suzuki DRZ 400SM BIKE

See Hot Cams web page for camshaft specs.
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