Hey All!

Today I wanted to explain the proper way to break in your brand new boots. 

If you're the person who has purchased a bunch of boots in your lifetime and know exactly what works for you, congrats! This blog post isn't really for you, but you're welcome to stay anyway.

For those of us who are newer to riding a dirt bike and just purchased their first pair of boots, this is what you should do before putting them on.

3 easy steps. 

Step 1. Flex the boot by pulling the toe toward the shin of the boot. It will be difficult to move at first but as you work it, you'll find it get easier and easier. Do this for about 5 minutes max. It should be pretty easy to move after a short amount of time. 

The reason you want to get the top of the foot nice and loose is for shifting and braking. Trust me, it helps.

Step 2. Flex the sole of the boot. It's a similar movement to the one you just did, but a different position. Hold the boot toe down and use a strong and slow force to get the toe moving. Don't push too hard because it can get hard to hold. The point here is to get the thick rubber sole of the boot to flex. It helps with walking and movement while riding.

Step 3. Put the boots on and flex! The key here is repetition.
When you put the boots on, don't tighten them too much. You want a little extra leeway in the bottom straps. The top strap can be tight though.
Do one boot at a time. Stand on your heel and push your toes toward the floor. If you took enough time to flex and get the leather and rubber loose, this shouldn't be too hard. 
After a few minutes, switch to standing on your toes and kneel down. This will flex the other side of the boot. The boots will start feeling pretty nice after a while. You should be able to walk around without much of a problem. 

Now, if this is your first pair of boots, you may be wondering why all the extra work.

Easy, because the more comfortable you get the boots now, the less you have to worry about them causing pain or discomfort while out riding!

As far as which boot you should have purchased, well that's a blog for another day! ;)

Let me know if you found this short informative blog useful. 

Have fun out there!

See ya soon!