Hey All!

It occurred to me that everytime I write a new blog post, there's an assumption inherent that everyone who reads the post knows how to ride a dirt bike already.

Well, I don't want anyone to feel left out, so this post will be about the basics - when you get your first bike and don't know anything!

So here we go!

Step 1.
Get and wear the proper size helmet!
I'll just assume that you've already purchased the proper attire for riding your dirt bike. The single most important piece is the helmet. When you're just starting out, the helmet is vital because you don't need another hole in your head and crashing is almost guaranteed... so wear your helmet!!

Step 2.
Figure out where your butt is supposed to be.
There's an indent just behind the gas tank. It's easy to find. THAT'S where you plant your keister. 
The reason for this is that it then leads to proper leg and arm positioning. Not to mention putting less strain on your back and neck.

Step 3. 
Know the difference between the controls on your right and left hands. 
On your right hand are the throttle and front brake lever.
On your left hand are the rear brake and kill switch.

Step 4. 
Know the difference between the controls on your right and left feet.
Your right foot controls the rear brake.
Your left foot controls the shifting lever. 
Be aware that shifting must always be done with the clutch lever pulled in and without gas being applied. 
Otherwise there could be a fantastically painful crash ahead!
Shifting goes: (Down) 1st gear (Up 1/2) Neutral (Up) 2nd (Up) 3rd (Up) 4th etc.

Step 5. 
Get a feel for the clutch and gas. 
It's always a best practice to start slow. Far too many people rev it accidentally and before they know it are eating a shrubbery. I don't recommend it. They don't taste very good.
When first shifting into gear, slowly release the clutch and feel the point where the wheels start to move. Once you get the feel down pat, you can apply some gas. DO NOT apply gas until you get the hang of using the clutch. 

Step 5. 
Proper arm position.
Up till this point, I'm sure you didn't really pay attention to where your arms were, so now's the time to pay attention and assume the position...
Keep your arms out with your elbows at a 90 degree angle, basically forming a rectangle of space between the handlebars and your shoulders. 
I'm attaching a video that explains more about what this looks like. 

Step 6.
Practice practice practice!
Once you get into riding a little, it's a quick step to wanting to ride often. 
Using the above tips, you can be out ripping up some dirt before you know it! 

So there ya go. 
It's really not hard to remember these steps once you practice enough. It become second nature!
Pretty soon, you'll be coming into the store and looking for cool stuff to add onto your ride or maybe just better gear.
Either way, we hope to be the ones that get to help you out!

Let us know if these were helpful tips. 

Check below for a video showing some of the tips mentioned here.

See ya soon!