Hey All!

With the weather heading toward "Actual Winter" sooner than later, nows a good time to determine whether you want to winterize your dirt bike or continue riding it throughout the cold weather. 

There's a debate going on in the dirt bike community over whether to stow the bike or keep going. Sometimes that debate is only in our minds... 

Well, for those of us who can't keep riding throughout the winter, winterizing is a good option. 

Here's a rundown and a little info on what to do.

You're gonna need a stand to keep the bike on, gas stabilizer and some time. 

The purpose of the stand is to keep the bikes weight off the suspension so it doesn't get all compressed and lasts longer. (Too bad we can't do this with our cars too)

Gas stabilizer will keep the Ethanol in the gasoline from getting gummy since it has an affinity for water. You can see a previous blog post where I went into some depth about Ethanol.

There are a few ways in which to go about this and quite a few steps if you REALLY want to get your bike properly winterized. 

In this post we will just touch on the basics and I will include a couple videos for you to check out that go into more depth.

So with the gas stabilizer, the thing to do is fill the tank first and then add the recommended amount according to what the stabilizer bottle says. It doesn't have to be an entire bottle unless that's what's recommended. Remember to always read directions carefully! (I've been burned by not doing that... literally!)

After filling it up, run it for a while. Take a ride around the lawn or wherever you have room. You don't want to go too long though, just enough to get the stabilizer into the nooks and crannies of the engine. 

After that, you could do a few more things such as draining fluids, adding oil to the cylinders or pulling the plastic off for a deep cleaning. 

Realistically, those are all optional things, and are designed to keep the bike in good working condition while not being used for extended time periods. (Who in their right mind thinks THAT'S a great idea anyway... sheesh. Some people...)

So I mentioned a couple videos and here they are. Just be aware, we do carry a bunch of these products that you will see right here in our store in Waterford, MI. As of this writing, we haven't listed most of the fuel and liquids on our website. We will most likely be adding some of that this year. 

So there ya go! 

Another little "How To" snippet. 

Ain't it fun to learn?

If you ever have questions on anything like this, feel free to call us! 

See ya soon!