Hey All!

Have you ever made a mistake that really made you feel bad?

Even worse, have you ever made a mistake that made someone else feel bad and then you felt bad because of it?

Well, let me tell you, I did that very thing this morning. 

I still feel really bad about it as I write this. 

Here's the (shortened) story:

Today was the first day of school for both my daughters. My oldest is starting Middle School and has to be there even earlier than any of us are used to. 

My youngest is still in Elementary School and has the start time that we are used to. 

Everything went well this morning, we all woke up and got out in time and my youngest even had a little victory that we were able to celebrate! So it started out well...

As my wife and I were driving the youngest to school, we always listen to a radio station that has a morning riddle. 

This morning it was "Why did the teacher have to wear shades?"

My wife came up with an answer and my daughter started to tell us what she thought the answer was when I rudely blurted out what I thought the answer was. 

It was a rude interruption and it's one of those things that the kids are regularly chided about. 

Turns out that my answer was very similar to what my daughter was going to say and once I realized that she had wanted to say something, it was too late. She started crying pretty hard because I took her answer and didn't even let her talk. 

I still feel bad.

I apologized profusely and it turned out that the way she worded her answer was exactly correct and the way I worded my answer was not. 

So yeah. 

Isn't it funny that we as parents can try hard to teach our kids the right way to act, and then screw it up magnificently without even a second thought? 

Human nature I guess. 

Just so you know, I took the fam to Great Wolf Lodge up in Traverse City last week. 

It was pretty great, except for the fact that I couldn't sleep at night, the electronic door didn't always want to open and my wife might have sprained her ankle somehow the first full day we were there...

Other than that, it WAS actually pretty great. 


Well anyway, I hope you had a great Labor Day Holiday and if you have kids, they have a great school year!

Pray for us... We need it...


See ya soon!