Hey All!

Boy am I tired. 

It's the heat. 

What is up with this crazy weather? (I'm gonna beat this dead horse for a while, I'm sure)

I'm beginning to think this whole "Climate Change" thing has some sort of validity. Michigan being the area where the climate is going crazy. I don't know if the rest of the world is getting the same treatment. 

The last few days have been in the 90's with a feel of about 100 or so. This is not the time to have a broken air conditioning system. 

Or not have one at all, like me. 

We have lots of fans tho. 

Not the same thing. Unfortunately. :(

Anyway, that's not really what I'm writing about today, though it is at least a little related.

I titled this blog "It's Haircut Time" because once the weather gets hot and summer is going strong, short hair is preferable. 

The biggest reason is your helmet.

You don't wanna go and have long shaggy hair and put on a helmet in this weather! Once you pull the helmet off again, you will be drenched in sweat! Don't believe me? Try it yourself! lol

Alright, so I'm just playing around here, but it does bring up the point that we have some of the newest technology in MX Helmets, and trust me, some of these new helmets are straight up sexy! 

They have multiple vents built in for fantastic airflow that covers the entire head and some of them have a full face shield that stays virtually free of moisture or steam. 

On the plus side, there are a huge variety of helmets for everyone's personal sense of style and needs.  
We carry a lot of them right here in the store. 

There are some listings online as well, and you can check them out in the links.

So there you go, the weather is hot, the hair is long, the helmets have vents and you should be out riding! 

Come on in and grab a helmet, or better yet, order one and we will ship it to you!

See ya soon!

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