Hey All!

I have to admit, that had to be the absolute shortest Autumn I've seen in a few years. 

It was about a week or so. At least that's what it seemed like to me. 

Now that the colder weather seems a bit more permanent, maybe we can get a nice amount of snow this year!

I know, some people really don't like snow, especially the whole driving to work or school every day. 

Then there are people like me!

I don't really mind the drive so much. 

Heck, I've lived almost my whole life in Michigan. 

It ain't no thing but a chicken wing...


That probably shows my age...

Well, on to my point!

We here at Magic Motorsports are more prepared than ever for this cold and nasty weather. 

We have everything you're going to need to tackle the weather and make the most of it at the same time!

If you weren't ware, we sell a wide variety of Choko Designs winter wear!

We have coats, gloves, helmets, snowsuits, overall style pants and even a hat or two. 

Some of them are pretty sweet!

Beyond that, we also have stock of winter weather socks and boots to keep them tootsies warm while out in the weather

Of course, we do carry a variety of snowblowers in store for different needs. We have one that's perfect for small sidewalks and light snowfall and others that are specially designed for much bigger jobs.

There's even a model that is made for heavy duty parking lots. Perfect for the caretaker/custodian in charge of a school or church.

So to recap, We have socks, boots, pants and coats, hats and helmets, snowblowers and of course stuff to get your dirt bike set for winter and your snowmobile set for GO TIME!

You know what you need to o now.

Come on by! 

See ya soon!

Photo by Scott Murdoch from Burst