Hey All!

So September just ended, October is here and next up is Halloween!

Time to get them spooky decorations out and figure out how to make peeled grapes imitate eyeballs and turn spaghetti into fake brains! 

 The wife and I aren't all that into it, but boy-howdy do these kids of ours love it!

They can't wait to get the bin of goodies out of storage and decorate. Since their parents aren't really into decorating, they just have to make do with their own imagination. 

It's pretty funny.

We picked some stuff up at the Dollar Tree so decorations wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg (pun intended)

So now we have really random stuff all over. From foam ghosts to glow rings and home made "arts and crafts" pictures. 

My kids are so funny...

Anyway, I hope that you're having fun decorating and getting your house ready for parties and all the random children who will be spooking up the neighborhood at the end of the month. 

Here at Magic Motorsports, We love a good "Scare-tastic" sale!

Mostly it's a "Time to put away the Summer stuff and bring out the Winter stuff" time, but ya know, Scare-Tastic is way more fun.

We've got a whole bunch of sales on Facebook right now that are going for at least a couple more months. 

Riding Jackets are reduced by 50% Off MSRP. These are definitely good for Spring , Summer and Fall, but aren't insulated for Winter. But since we are reducing the price so much, it's a great time to get one for yourself!

They are a first come-first serve product. We don't have all that many left.

Under Armor shirts are all 20% off and we have an entire rack of shirts and hoodies that are Half Off! 

Now is definitely a great time to stock up for next year (or the next week which is supposed to be back up in the 80's again).

I'm not sure yet, but I'm really hoping we will have a candy bowl set out for the kids (I'm totally a kid! Honest!!). Gotta make it a worthwhile trip for them too right?

Either way, I hope your October is awesome and you get lots and lots of that most wonderful of sweet stuff, CANDY!!!

See ya soon!