Pro Circuit - Nature Friendly S.A. Silencer
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Pro Circuit S.A. Silencer (CR250R)

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• CR 250R 1999

    Pro Circuit's Nature Friendly Spark Arrestor Silencer features our clog-free Krizzman bullet design and comes equipped with a U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor that doesn't sacrifice performance or horsepower. A specially engineered metal baffle inside eliminates the chance of a spark leaving the silencer. Improves performance when compared to stock models.

    • Spark arrested silencer
    • Meets U.S. Forest Service standards
    • Clog-free Krizzman bullet design
    • Eliminates the chance of sparks
    • FIM approved 304 stainless steel end-cap
    • Stainless steel intake tube
    • Double-walled mounting bracket(s)
    • E-glass pillow packing
    • Made in the USA

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