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Rec90 Fuel

Rec90 Fuel

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Gasoline is in!
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We offer Rec90 "NO ETHANOL" Gasoline at our location in Waterford.

Description from Wikipedia

REC-90 is an ethanol-free, 90 octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in recreational/marine engines which can be damaged by the ethanol found in other gasoline blends. It is also usable in some aviation engines and automotive engines, though it has not been thoroughly tested for cars and trucks.

Unlike most stations in the plains states which carry ethanol-free 87 octane unleaded alongside 10% ethanol 87 octane unleaded, many states carry ethanol-free gasoline specifically marketed as recreational fuel designed for marine equipment and small engines.

If you are concerned about the ethanol content of normal gas in your recreational vehicle, swing on by and get a fill up of our 90 octane Marathon brand Gas.

Only $4.55/ GAL