Hey All!

Did you survive the wind storm the other day?

Well... of course you did... You're reading this aren't you?! 

I hope your property survived as well.

I couldn't sleep that night. (In fact that whole insomnia thing hits me hard sometimes

That windy night with 50mph winds really bugged me. The wind has already taken a bunch of things we used to have up in our backyard. 

So whenever the winds pick up like that, I get all freaked out. 

I hope you don't feel the same way about the weather, it's not fun.

On the plus side, do these winds mean that Spring is coming soon?

Normally winds like that aren't common until April and sometimes May.

The weather so far this year has been pretty crazy. It didn't snow until after December and then it's been alternating between snow, rain, sleet and warm days... 

Just another Manic Monday... or more like Manic Michigan!

The unfortunate part of unpredictable weather is the inability to know when to put away the winter stuff and bring out the Summer equipment!

I normally say that I like the cold, but this year with sub zero temps and what seems like a refusal by my house to hold in heat, I'm thinking that might need to change. 

On the plus side, Magic Motorsports still has a whole bunch of winter clothes and equipment available.

We are one of only a handful of companies with the rights to sell Choko Brand winter weather wear, you gotta check them out!

They've got some amazing gloves and coats and even some boots for the road.

The combination of Choko products alongside Ariens snowblowers... you've got a Winning Winter Beater Combo!

Once Springtime officially hits, we will still be prepared. We have riding mowers by Gravely and Bad Boy Mowers and of course power tools by Makita!

Yeah it may be weird for a company called Magic Motorsports to have lawn care stuff, but hey, all of these items have motors so it just makes sense... right?

The real truth is this: people just aren't spending as much on MX, ATV and BMX like they used to. 

We are expanding and looking to become a great One Stop Shop to take care of your property from the fun times (rip roaring all over) to more serious times (fixing the rip roaring again).

So there you have it. 

The weather will always change and sometimes I think it changes just to spite us.

But when you're prepared ahead of time, it doesn't HAVE to get the better of you. 

Enjoy it!

See ya soon!

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash