Hey All!

I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently, and one of the themes I've been most fascinated by has been the "Primitive Technology" stuff on there.

There are quite a few different themes in that category such as "Ancient Technology" and OOPARTS and How It's Made and all sorts of other things that are really neato! :)

The ones that I find most interesting are the ones where people create something from seemingly nothing. 

For instance, there's a channel called Primitive Technology where a guy just goes out into the woods with a camera and makes a hut, tiles, bow and arrows etc. All by hand and without any modern technology or tools. If you've never heard of it, I highly recommend a watch.

Now, on the other side, there's the "Do It Yourselfers" or DIY-ers who love to get their hands dirty with their machines. 

Some incredible machines have been either upcycled or just made out of spare parts. I've seen videos that showcase vehicles built from the ground up to incredible refined hot rods. 

Some people just have the SKILLS!!

Then there are people who just want to change their oil and filters.

Obviously, I have to talk about our favorite kind of people!

If you've been following this blog, then you know that I've attempted to help the DIY-ers with a couple "instructable" style posts. 

You know, little "How-To's" that might help someone out with their own maintenance needs.

I guess, my main point here is that I'm one of the people that falls prey to the ease of hiring someone else to do things for me rather than just doing it myself. 

Point of fact, I used to change my own oil in my car when I was younger, but now I just take it to a local shop. Convenience and speed have outweighed my own skill set and confidence level. 

This is something I'd like to change. 

I want to be more of an independent individual. 

There's a certain amount of swagger gained by having skills that you know are actually important and vital to your own or others well being. 

I used to watch the TV show LOST all the time, and the one thing I always thought was how I would act in a situation like that. Would I know how to make fire? Could I make a hut or at least a place to sleep at night? How would I get food for myself?

It really made me think. 

Nowadays, I think about what to do when something in my house needs to be worked on, or my car. 

I wind up just hiring someone to come out, or getting a hold of my Dad, who is definitely a Jack-of-all-trades. 

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it. 

I'm not even close to the same skill level that he has.

Technology has become the center where my skills shine the most. 

I really enjoy writing too, if you couldn't tell. 

Anyway, to bring it all around again, the point of this post is simply to inspire you, Dear Reader, to get out and do more of your own maintenance, building or upkeep. You'll feel so much better about it in the long run. 

Just be sure to read the "How-To" first. 

No reason to lose a thumb ya know!

See ya soon!