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The Right Clothes For The job

Posted by on 3/27/2018 to Regular blog stuff
The Right Clothes For The job
Hey All!

I don't know about you, but I am about done with this weird and wild Winter/Spring debacle!

If you're reading this in Michigan, then you know what I'm talking about!

Come on Summer!

While we are waiting with baited breath for Summer to finally make an appearance, I can let you know about our fabulous extravaganza of clothes! We have clothes for any and everyone!

Are you looking for some gear to ride in? Come on in! We have a whole area of our showroom dedicated to armor by Fox, Thor Alpinestars and others. 

Need Boots? We got them too! Alpinestars, Gaerne and O'NEAL are available among others!

Looking for that perfect helmet? We have quite the selection of awe inducing helmets for any and all riding conditions and preferences. 

We got Socks!

We got Jerseys!

We got Pants!

Do you get the picture?

We also have shoes in stock. In Fact, I'm wearing a pair that we sell right now. We carry Columbia, Nike and DC and a few other brands. 

I'll be honest here, we need to sell off our inventory of shoes sooner than later! To do that, we have some killer deals on really good shoes. 

Then we have shirts, boy howdy do we have some shirts!

I'm not sure how exactly we got so many shirts, but these need to go!

We've been having sales on our Columbia gear and they're still going on now! This is the same Columbia that has their own stores and their quality is really awesome! 

Need some clothes? Well, now you know where to go, don't ya?

I didn't even mention the Gloves, Goggles and Backpacks. We have a small selection of Purses too, and some are kinda cool. Almost wanna get one myself... or not...

Well, you get the picture!

So if you get the chance to come out to Beautiful Waterford, MI, swing by and say HI!

 Pick up some souvenirs!

See ya soon!

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