Hey All!

This World... 



Anyway, this blog post is gonna talk a little about both the order and chaos of the world we live in. 

We live in Michigan, which is (of course) a part of the United States of America.

We have a lot of freedom here in this wild and crazy Country. 

Part of that freedom involves the ability for businesses to exist in a "For Profit" environment. 

We, as a company, have certain rules that we have to abide by, involving certain rights for both the employees and also the customers. We have rules involving what we have to give to the local and federal government.

Rules are certainly important when it comes to living and even profiting in a Sovereign Country. 

Now, that all being said, my point is simply this: We love customers!

We live in a Country that allows us the opportunity to provide a service or products to people who have a need. 

Do you have a Dirt Bike that needs an Oil Change? 

We can meet that need! Oil and filters are a couple of the things we have in stock on the regular.

Are you looking to get a new outfit for the Big Race coming up? 

No Problem! We have so many options, you might be here for a couple hours just checking them all out!

As far as the Chaos goes, yeah there is some of that as well. Whenever you have an environment that respects freedom, there will always be someone who takes it too far. 

More freedom almost always brings out those who would abuse their freedoms. 

If you've ever worked in retail, you know exactly what I mean here. 

My personal thought is this: Everyone has their own right to their own opinion, and as long as I treat everyone with a fair and positive attitude, we can almost always come to a good agreement. 

Not everyone thinks like I do, but hopefully more people will start and the whole world will be better for it. 

So yeah, get out there and love on people. 

And then come here and buy some stuff and we can then all be better off.

See ya soon!