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Tires, Tires and more Tires

Posted by on 5/22/2018 to Regular blog stuff
Tires, Tires and more Tires
Hey All!

You know how it goes sometimes when you get an idea to do something and once you start doing some research and delving into the information related to what you want to talk about, you discover that someone else already did it. 
In fact, they did it so well, that all you can do is say, "Dangit!" 

That's basically what happened to me. 

I wanted to write a post about Dirt Bike Tires and the reason they look different, what the numbers mean and so on. 

It turns out that someone else wrote a really fantastic blog post already that literally covers all the points I wanted to make!

I will show you a few parts for reference and then link over to the original post. 

So first, I wanted to touch on what the different options are when it comes to the style and type of tire available. 

Here's what the Motorsport blog post says: "Some tires models are geared towards street use and others towards off-road use. The tires used depend on how much riding is done on the street versus off-road."

It goes on to explain in more detail:

Dual-Sport Tire Design/Pattern

If the street is merely a path to the great outdoors, dual sport tires look more like straight-up dirt bike tires. But if a rider uses their dirt bike for commuting purposes, the tires look like regular motorcycle tires. Sportier looking tires handle the road well and manage along dirt and gravel roads but can't be used for all-out racing in dirt.


Motocross is a man-made course on naturally occurring terrain and Supercross is a man-made course created from truckloads of dirt inside an arena or stadium. Both feature jumps and sharp turns but the type of soil used can vary.

Superficially, the tires used in each style of riding probably look quite similar but the soil composition determines what type of tire to use. Loamy, rocky, even sandy soil each requires a different set of tires constructed with different rubber compounds.

Motocross Tire Design/Pattern

Motocross tires bring the tread. These knobby type tires vary based on the type of track. Soft loamy dirt, sand and mud get a harder compound rubber tire composed of taller and wider-spaced knobs that create a paddle effect and keep mud from packing in between the knobs.

Firm terrain requires a softer rubber tire that conforms easier to the ground. Knobs are closer together and shorter to prevent flexing which creates a larger contact patch for better grip. In the middle you get intermediate tires - the most common selection. These tires tend to work well in most conditions.

Off-road/Trail Riding

Off-road trail riding varies from tight single track trails in the mountains, down to high speed wide open desert riding and everything in between. Off-road and trails throw naturally occurring obstacles at riders like boulders, tree trunks, mud, water and a various types of soil from compact and hard to the sand of the dunes.

Off-Road/Trail Tire Design/Pattern

Off-road tires are made for the off-roads! These tires provide a heavy duty framework for durability and vary as compared to motocross tires for knobby layout. In muddy and loamy trails a soft-terrain tire with wider and taller knobs is best. Trails exhibiting lots of rocks and a harder floor need a harder terrain tire with closely spaced and shorter knobs to improve traction.

Keep in mind that desert riding poses a challenge as terrain can vary from incredibly deep silt to a hard base and lots of rocks. Desert tires, similar to an intermediate motocross tire, address these varying terrains. Sand dune or paddle tires don't have knobs but instead features what looks like a series of paddles to push you along.

Generally, off-road tires look similar to Motocross tires and many riders pick a Motocross tire for off-road riding.

See what I mean??

This is some solid info! 

It goes on from there...

So before I send you over there to check it out, know that they are also looking to sell some stuff. 

So my recommendation is, once you read the article, come back here and order the parts you're inspired to get! 

We have access to a ton of options when it comes to customizing your bike, so keep us in mind!

So here's the link, and once you go through it, come back and let me know what you thought!

See ya soon!

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