Hey All!

So a couple weeks ago I was pining away at not being able to go sledding with my kids because we didn't have any snow!

Well, we finally got some! 

In fact, it snowed so much over the past few days that the kids had a few snow days already! 

Yesterday and today both this week, and one last week. Probably more to come!

Crazy Michigan weather. 

Maybe it's just me, but when I see weather like this, I think, "Well that's Michigan for ya. We've always had crazy weather."

While flipping through channels on TV this morning, I happened to see Al Roker talking about "Climate Change". 

Let me preface this with the fact that I DO NOT deny that the climate changes. 

However, I also DO NOT believe the hype about the climate change debacle. 

Roker was answering a posed question (I don't remember exactly how it was asked) about why the weather was so cold if Global Warming was the issue. 

He answered it by giving an analogy about a rich man losing his wallet. If a rich man loses his wallet, it doesn't change the fact that he's still rich (unless his entire wealth can be accessed from his wallet of course...) and a poor man who finds a $100 bill isn't suddenly rich.

It's an interesting way to pose it, but I don't think it's a great analogy. 

Here's my issue with Climate Change:

The climate changes. 

We already know this. 

We are aware of many different events in the past that have caused catastrophic damage to the land, sea and air. 

From floods to volcanoes to man made issues like Hiroshima (not to mention HAARP and all the Geo-engineering going on)

The Climate Changes.

The HYPE and HYSTERIA is the problem. 

Anytime you see a forced narrative that is repeated over and over without so much as a nod that there might be an alternative explanation, it makes my hackles raise.

That incessant dogged determination to convince the public that they have all the facts and work their hardest to SHUT DOWN any alternative ideas... Yeah, that doesn't sit right.

I'm sorry about going on about this, but it just bothers me. 

In the meantime, we shall see if the temps really do drop down to the negative numbers this week. 

If you haven't grabbed your Ariens Snowblower by now, you need to make a beeline right to our store!

I made the mistake of not getting one, and last night (in 35 degree weather of all things) I had to shovel the driveway after getting stuck in it as I pulled in. 

A nice little snowblower would have done the job for me and I wouldn't have come in exhausted and smelly. (Although showers are wonderful things)

So in closing, question everything, except that you need a snowblower when the weather brings 6+ inches of snow. Your back will thank you!

See ya soon!

Photo by Fernanda Publio from Burst