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We Have A New Magnum Catalog!

Posted by on 6/5/2018 to Regular blog stuff
We Have A New Magnum Catalog!
Hey All!

I know that you've been really enjoying this weather, it's just funny that it changed to summer almost on cue. Memorial day comes around and BAM! HEAT!!

Well, it was in South-East Michigan anyway.

One of the other things that Summer brings is a brand new catalog for our sister company Magnum Distributing. 

So I know I've talked about our Storefront (in Waterford, MI), our website ( and our eBay stores (Magic-Motorsports-Online or motopartsdepot) but today I'm bringing out our big guns for you to see. is our Dealer website. It's not for just anybody, like all the other things I just mentioned. This website, and the brand new catalog that just got printed and shipped to us, are designed for people who own stores and websites that sell parts, kinda like our very own 

The reason I mention it is simply to promote it so if you're one of the people looking to sell parts and accessories for motorsports vehicles, now you've got a resource that will help you get the products you need, right when you need them.

You may not be aware of it, but we have a pretty large warehouse area available right behind our store. That's where the magic really happens!

You may have heard about, or even seen, Magnum Brand products designed for motorcycles or ATVs. 

I know they're on eBay, so if you're curious, you can definitely find them for reference. 

Fact is, they're all shipped out of here!

Cool huh?

Well anyway, I just wanted to let you know that our Magnum brand has a new Catalog printed and available to order from. It's a great resource, and again, if you have any desire to provide motorsports parts for your customers, now is the time to get a hold of us and order one today!

See ya soon!

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