Hey All!

This time of the year we find ourselves looking desperately for our coats and hats, turning the furnace on and cranking the heat up to full in our cars. If you've got an automatic car starter, so much the better!

The cold hit us hard and fast!

It's so funny, living in Michigan. It's one of those States that has really wild weather (almost year round)!

I don't know if you've ever seen the memes that show people dressed up in different clothes from winter clothing to shorts and sandals and back and it's all shown within a week... Well it's reality for us in Michigan. This past week was pretty consistently cold, but before that, we had at least one 80 degree day in between some 60's and now we are down to the 30's. Of course, it will go back up before the end of next week. That's almost a guarantee...

I was finally able to get my lawn mowed this past weekend and I really hope it's the last time. All this rain and cold weather tend to work against each other. The rain makes the lawn grow like crazy and the cold keeps it from growing...

Seems like Mother Nature can't decide what to do...

It's also the time to start thinking about what you're going to do for Halloween (if you hadn't already started). 

I've written about it before, but this time I wanted to talk about how far some people go when decorating their place. 

Right down the road from my house is a family that goes all out every Halloween. 

I'm talking ALL OUT!!

They have crazy stuff out like a full size horse skeleton, similar sized Dragon(!!), a "shed like" building that seems to be some sort of small maze and they even built Castle Walls around their covered porch! 

Talk about a family that get's into the season!

Now obviously, this sort of thing takes a special kind of desire and love of the holiday.

My family went to the Dollar store.

Money, Effort and Desire are vital to making a true piece of art.

Some people just have it and some people just don't.

Whichever way you go, do the best you can!

That brings me back around to the store!

Now is the time to start cleaning and winterizing your dirt bikes and ATVs. 

We have what you need!

We have cleaning supplies for getting all the muck off your wheels, air and oil filters, engine oil and air filter oil... 

We have fuel additives and antifreeze even!

We recently brought out our boxes of winter clothing and snowsuits as well. 

We really are a one-stop-shop for all your needs!

So come on in and grab the stuff you need in order to get prepared for the winter. 

Don't get caught out in the cold!

See ya soon!

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