Hey All!  

Here's a question for all my Northern friends:

Did we just experience the movie The Day After Tomorrow in real life?

In that movie, "Global Warming" (because Climate Change hadn't been coined yet) was to blame for a hole in the Ozone layer which brought the coldness of space right down to the planets surface. 

It didn't affect the whole world, just a section of the U.S. 

Almost seems like what happened last week. 

And then three days after one of the coldest days in recorded history, it's 50 degrees... 

So to recap, it snows and I take my kids sledding, then the snow kinda subsides, then it snows again even better, and not long after that it's crazy cold to the point that just going outside froze the boogers right in my nose holes! WTF?!

Then as quickly as it came, it's back to unusually warm weather in the middle of what is supposed to be winter...

If you've never been to michigan, this is how it is from time to time. 

So yeah, good times right?

It's a good thing we have a wide selection of snow suits, gloves, boots and hats in the store. 

I personally picked up some Manzella Gloves last year and they are fantastic! They got me through the "Snow-pocalypse 2019" without any problems.

We still have a few left in stock, as well as some glove/mitten transformers. Those are pretty cool. 

So there you have it. Michigan has MPD and might be a bit schizophrenic as well, but those us us who live in the Mitten State know where to get the best mittens!

According to the weather people, this week was supposed to head back down into the 30's and lower, but now it looks like the weather will fluctuate right around the 40's to 50's with lots of rain. 

There's a good possibility that we could get freezing rain soon, so be careful out there!

Bundle up, don't speed, walk carefully and don't take any unnecessary risks!

Remember, somebody out there needs you to come home safe and sound. 

See ya soon!

Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst