Hey All!

This morning was a weird one. 

Yesterday I found out that one of the guys that had a direct influence on my youth died. 

I knew it was coming because of all the stories of his failing health and family troubles. 

It was still really sad. 

I told my wife last year that when he dies, it will mark the first time I shed a tear over someone I've never met and yet who had an impact on my life. 

Stan Lee, you will be missed.

Beyond that, it snowed!

I had to get out last night and it was starting to come down real light and didn't seem like it was gonna stick. 

But this morning! Whoooo!

We got snow!

It was really beautiful too. I really wish I had time to grab my camera and take a few shots. 


Then as I look through news stories, I find that the California fires are mostly uncontrolled and are now visible from space!

What the heck is going on over there?!

Not to get into politics, but is it the Governmental regulations causing this uncontrollable hell on earth?

There are multiple videos of people driving through the fires and interviews with celebrities that live in the area that are losing their homes.

As someone who has tried unsuccessfully to start a fire in a fire pit in my backyard, I am having a terrible time understanding how in the world these fires are so wild. 

I grew up on a farm (non functioning however) and we did have bonfires rather often. My brother and I were the ones who usually took care of them so we got really good at both getting them going and controlling them. 

So either these fires in Cali are 1. started by idiots, 2. started by people who are smart and want to destroy the State or 3. the result of bad governmental oversight. 

Who knows, it could be something else entirely. 

Anyway, I hope you're safe and healthy and out of any sort of danger. 

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so it may be a great idea to help out the families who have been devastated by the incredible destruction happening over on the West Coast. 

Or if you don't want to help them, help people in your own community. 

Goodfellows is an organisation that my kids have received gifts from when we were low on funds during Christmas. 

If I understand it right, they've been getting less and less donations over the years. 

If you have extra this year, you could always help them serve the community. 

Just an idea. 

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the things you've got. 

Love on your family and spend some quality time with them!

Like the people in Cali, you never know when something will happen and take everything away!

Anyway, Have a good one out there!

See ya soon!