Hey All!

So this blog post is all about FREEBIES!!!

We all love free stuff. 

Find something you have been looking for and all of a sudden, there it is with extra stuff!! There's no better feeling. 

So here at Magic Motorsports, we appreciate sales and freebies too and with this blog post, I wanted to list some that are exclusive to those who are fans on Facebook!

So if you haven't clicked "Like" and "Follow" then go do it now!

Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/magicmotorsports

Okay first off, March 1st through 3rd we are giving away a FREE Pro-Grip or Smith Goggle with purchase of any full price O'NEAL helmet. These are really nice goggles.

Next up, March 6th-8th purchase a MX Handlebar and get a FREE Magnum Brand Grip Pair. One for each hand.

Thirdly March 12th-14th Buy a pair of Goggles and we'll throw in a 10 pack of Magnum Brand Tear Offs. 
Supplies are limited so First Come First Serve!

Fourth on the 15th-17th. Free Maxima keychain and Kawasaki sticker with purchase of Kawasaki parts and accessories. I do love a good sticker.

Fifth is 22nd-24th. Free Pro-Circuit T-Shirt with purchase of any in stock Pro-Circuit pipe. Wear it with pride.

Then last and totally best: 26th-31st Extra 10% off any in stock O'NEAL Gear and Helmets!

Now here's the fine print!

These are Facebook sales, so if you want to take advantage of them, you need to 

1. Like our page
2. Come into the store and tell us you saw the sale on FB. 
3. Be cool. 
4. Compliment the staff. 

Okay so 3 and 4 are optional but all the cool kids are doing them so you may as well be "Cool" too. ;)

All freebies are limited time and subject to availability. Ask the staff for details. 

Now, we also have other sales in store all the time. We still have a lot of clothing that needs to go, winter clothes are on sale, shoes have been reduced in price and parts and accessories are usually discounted. 

So come on in when you can. Make a trip of it and tell us you saw it on our website!

We always appreciate meeting new people and seeing return customers!

See ya soon!