Wiseco Precision Forged Clutch Basket
  1. Wiseco Precision Forged Clutch Basket

Wiseco Precision Forged Clutch Basket

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Part # WPP3033

• TE125       2012-2014

• TE125       2014-2016
• TC125      2014-2018
• TX125       2017-2018
• TE150       2017-2018

• 125 SX           1998-2005
• 125 SX           2009-2018
• 125 EXC        1998-2005
• 125 EXC        2009-2015
• 125 XCW      2017-2018
• 150 SX           2009-2018
• 150 XCW      2017-2018
• 200SX            2003-2005
• 200EXC         1998-2016
• 200 EXC        2009-2015

Wiseco Precision Forged Clutch Basket - WPP3033

  • CNC machined from lightweight forged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, then hard anodized to reduce wear
  • PTFE coated to provide a near-frictionless surface for smooth operation
  • Reduced rotational mass for quicker revs; large oil passages for added lubrication and reduced operating temperature
  • Supplied with fasteners with pre-applied thread locker

  • Included Items:
    1. (1) Clutch basket 
    2. (8) 6mm-1.00 x 12mm socket head screws 
    3. (1) 1/4drive socket with allan drive

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